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Visual Planning

Post-it notes are your most important tool when you want to plan anything.... whether you're developing a product, designing a service or implementing a project plan, the Otocos team can show you how to plan effectively and make it happen.

Visualising the planning process is a powerful method to help achieve your aims. The Otocos team always carries a selection of Post-it notes of all sizes and colours, as they really are the best tool to help you plan effectively.
By mapping out what you want to do, it becomes easier to create clear interlinked steps as well as identify gaps in your thinking.
Time and again, we've seen this approach help turn exciting ideas into reality:
  1. Start off by getting all your thoughts down on paper using different Post-its.
  2. Move them around until you have a clear and sequential set of steps, or areas of work.
  3. Add extra detail and comments as required by adding new Post-Its e.g. you can highlight specific costs and when you might need to bring in specialist expertise.
When you're done just transfer the plan to large sheets of paper, roll up and take back to your desk so that you can write up formally if required or just fine-tune things as the work evolves.
Simple and effective! The visual approach helps everyone understand their role and how their actions impact on others. Once you've done this with Post-Its it's really easy to create other documentation in whatever format is required.
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