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Service Design for Sport

Wendy worked with Sporting Chance Initiative and UXL Ltd to create a series of events which supported innovation in small- and medium-sized businesses delivering services in the sports industry.

Wendy worked with Sporting Chance Initiative and UXL Ltd to create and deliver a series of workshops for SMEs that have explored service delivery challenges. Attendees were taken through a process and given tools to help them develop new ideas and meet specific challenges in their businesses.
The issues for these workshops came from the businesses themselves and included examples from the equestrian, water sports, cycling, trail design and fitness-related companies.
"Brilliant event today! Met some really clever people who have helped with some really cool ideas! Thanks!"
Twitter @BurnitBC
"Lots of great ideas to take back to the office"
Twitter @RYAScotland
These workshops were part of a broader piece of work at Sporting Chance Initiative to explore innovation opportunities in sports, fitness and physical activity services, and to find new ways to offer support to small businesses in sport.
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