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Developing Young Entrepreneurs

In 2012 Wendy worked with Ignite! (a creative learning agency based in Nottingham) to deliver 2 workshops for ADVANCE Sparks, a skills development programme in the Scottish Borders for emerging entrepreneurs aged 16-25.

ADVANCE Sparks was a 10-week course designed to boost the creative and entrepreneurial confidence of young people in the Scottish Borders.
Ignite! said, "We were delighted to involve Otocos in the delivery of key components of the programme, especially drawing on their experience and expertise in helping young people identify their strengths as they develop their skills in business planning."
The sessions that Wendy created and delivered were:
1. The difference between a Great Idea and a Business.
2. How to Prioritise. Creating a Plan to make your idea a reality.
"The young people reported that this was one of the most useful and effective parts of the programme."
Rick Hall, Director of Programmes, Ignite!
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